EI Yote pack Ranger Green

IMG_20140426_193301IMG_1180IMG_1172IMG_1170IMG_1169EI Yote pack Ranger Green

So Just pick up some new gear. This time I’m down with EI Yote Ranger green color. The reason why I choose this pack, because it’s small and it’s not heavy and it fit 13″ laptop to this pack and one thing for sure, it has a feature where it can carry a helmet with this pack. But the problem, it’s very rare to get this color and this yote in brand new condition. So if you’re backpack enthuasiast, you might wanna get this pack.

My Ops Core helmet

IMG_1163 IMG_1162My Ops Core helmet

Seem, this is gonna be my Bike helmet. Well why? because this is light version and the advantage from this helmet, it has velcro on the outside and I can attach my badass patches and also my V-lite Safety light on it and also a small admin pouches on the back. So I can put some CR123 in it to replace my manta strobe light on the top of the helmet. Well I know this is weird why I want to use this helmet. Again, I don’t like to wear what people normally use. So, yeah I feel good with this. What about you? do you also wear Ops Core for bike? if you do, please feel free to post one of your picture wearing your ops core while riding your bike. Cheers !!

My experiment

My experiment

Another experiment that I tried and I don’t like doing things like what people do. So yeah, the question am I being hit? almost but I love the challenge. It’s like you never know what’s gonna happen next. But this is a picture that my buddy took i think couple months ago. He took a photo of me while the street is in rush hour and lot’s of bike and cars passed this street.