Mystery Ranch 3 Days Assault Pack (3DAP) Multicam

if your into and dedicated your hobby as a backpack collector, who don’t  recognize Mystery Ranch 3DAP as a top of backpack line brand? personal opinion? it’s the most comfortable backpack. Wanna go hike?fishing? ride a bike with it? school with this pack? travel with this pack? my answer will be: “it’s ready to challenge everywhere,wherever, and whenever you ready”. the shoulder pad and especially for me it kind a helping my back and I don’t feel tired when I’m carrying this 3dap with me. Well, if you’re going to buy this pack, first of all you need to adjust and to choose which yoke that will the right one for you. After you’ve finish decided which yoke you want, you need to consider if you’re going to need waist live wing or not. As a reference, I’m 5’9″ and I’m using MEDIUM Yoke and a Small Waist live wing. the rest is pick what color you want, they have coyote brown, multicam, foliage, black. but the funny thing I saw they have it in OD color but it’s not available on their online store. I guessed it’s a custom order.


the pack itself has 2 compartment, one on the right and the other is on the left of the backpack which allow you to put your water bottle. and not just that, inside of the backpack you can put a hydration bladder, and maximum 3 small jacket with a 13 – 15″ of your laptop or your macbook pro. the 3DAP can fit a lot of stuff. and for me I can survive with this backpack more than a week if I carry this pack everywhere I go.


IMG_0518 3dapmulticam front



My first impression with this Vertyx Ops Shell Jacket is awesome. I like it, it’s thick but not that thick like any cold weather jacket. But it’s just perfect to keep you warm and also another thing that you need to know about this jacket, the coyote color that they offer is just perfect. It’s like a mix between mjk khaki with coyote brown but personally I’m not gonna say that this jacket is like coyote brown. Also, since I’m an asian dude and I have to wear this jacket on a medium size and it fit perfectly on me. It also has many pocket on the front of jacket. Left pocket, right pocket on the front. and as you can see on the picture left sleeve and right sleeve also has a pocket.

you can purchase this jacket at vertyx website here

Shot Show 2014, Mystery Ranch.

This is my first time attending shot show 2014. My Impression is it was awesome, I can’t described how it feels like. Even word has no meaning anymore. It’s like a heaven for me, like I live in neverland. Sorry if that’s too much but it is true all the effort that I’ve contributed on this travel by myself is really worth every penny. It took me 4 hours to get to Sands Expo, Las Vegas and I had fun doing this by hazel, I can get there as fast as I want without need to worry about anything.

In this show, I met lot of nice people from all firearms, outdoor/military gear company. At first I thought it’s gonna be lame or lot’s of mean people but it’s the opposite. They’re super nice and asked me why my name is spanish name but my face is asian face? I guess the joke was on me.

Oh, and please accept my apology since my grammar is not that good, I hope you guys willing to bear with me here. 🙂

here are all the booth that I’ve visited :

– Blue Force Gear
– Mystery Ranch
– London Bridge Trading
– Verty’x
– Ops Core
– Knight Armament
– Advance Armament Corp
– Heckler & Koch
– Eagle Industries
– Bates
– Firstspear
– Sig Sauer

For Mystery Ranch, I had to get myself to this booth since I want to know more about how they do fitting with this backpack. It’s not just a regular backpack, but you when you have this backpack you really need to know how to set up the yoke (the backpack shoulder strap, they have one at the top of shoulder and one on the bottom of shoulder strap).

I would suggest to you, if you’re height is 5’9″, you should go with medium YOKE, not a small yoke. Cause mine is small and It feel a lil bit uncomfortable because the length of the shoulder strap is shorter and it’s not wide like medium yoke has.

Overall I love this backpack. I know it’s expensive but from the quality of the fabric, performance of the backpack, it won’t lie you and that’s the reason I still stick with Mystery Ranch. Even they’re service is really nice and great. So, two thumbs up for this company & thank you for making such a great backpack !

Shot Show 2014, Mystery Ranch.