Salomon GTX Xa Pro Ultra 2 Trail

Christmas present from someone is here. If I may ask, do you care about what shoes, and what kind of shoes that you’re going to use for hike? Maybe some of you and many people we’ve seen don’t matter with using running shoes for hike. I’m never thought that I’ll be having a hiking shoes till I read some article about Salomon GTX. So what’s the good about this shoes?

IMG_2091 IMG_2090 IMG_2089

This is my first time that I’m having Salomon GTX Xa Pro Ultra 2 Trail. At first I thought it’s just gonna be the same shoes like running shoes, such as Nike Free Run Series. Well, sadly it’s far beyond from my expectation. This shoes has a great sole for your feet to walk long hours forth and back. And it has front thick sole that is ready to cover your toes. The inner sole, the moment when you’re standing and walking, this shoes has a comfort padding that enough to protect the surface of your feet.


Nevertheless, the reason why I’m picking Salomon is because Salomon is trusted by TIER 1 Operators from it’s quality, and the durability. However, when I had this thought about getting this shoes, I’m thinking why I wanna get this shoes since I can get another Nike shoes to run, and maybe for a short hike. But I decided to get this shoes for my hiking gear. On the other hand, when I’m putting this shoes on, I can feel the click that both my feet loves this shoes. How comfortable the inner sole that is able to make you walk more further as you can imagine, and the front sole that’s made to protect your feet toes. And also, it’s light and it has a simple shoes knit system that allow you to adjust the shoes knit to be loose or tight by pulling or pushing the knit pin of the shoes.


Closer look:

IMG_2100 IMG_2099 IMG_2098 IMG_2096

Don’t sweat it

So, today I’ve just finished with my set gear. Most of them I use for travelling and for airsoft. and for Softshell I still choose ORC Industries Lvl 5 Softshell, and for hardshell, Arc’teryx LEAF Alpha will always be my No.1 List. At first I’m thinking about getting Tad Gear Spectre jacket but after that I change my mind cause seem the different price between Triple Aught Design and Arc’teryx is not that much so I decided to go with Arc’teryx and I love the fabric of this LEAF Alpha jacket. For a hardshell jacket, I recommend you to go with Arc’teryx LEAF Alpha or Arc’teryx Alpha. I know the price is sick for both of them, but once you get it. the price won’t lie with the quality of the jacket that you will get if you buy Arc’teryx LEAF.

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