better cover yourself than not

IMG_0664 IMG_0663 IMG_0662So, in the middle of forest, this is my gear that I brought:

– Mystery Ranch 3DAP Coyote Brown
– Shemagh
– Arc’teryx Caliber Fleece

All of them enough to keep my travelling become fun. Well I did the the eastern face wrap, and I know it’s not perfect the way I did but I like the shemagh color that I got from my friend.

Mystery Ranch Outsider

Well it’s a good thing I attended to shotshow 2014, since I’m a big fan of Mystery Ranch backpack. and this time I had a chance to checked their outsider. Well they didn’t have outsider display on their shotshow spot but one thing that I wanted to let you know and for those who likes to bring their sling pack or messenger pack, is this pack is solid and very comfortable  for me since the shoulder pad on your left shoulder is thick and you won’t feel any hurt or feel heavy as long you don’t put many things inside this pack. and I’m a person that who always wear any sling pack on my left shoulder so I’m good and I love this pack. As long you don’t fill this pack with lot’s of stuff you will like it, and personally I don’t like to add lot’s of stuff inside this type of pac. since the momentum on this pack will be depend on my left shoulder, I prefer just to bring important stuff such as laptop, my agenda, ipod, and my portable Semi DSLR camera inside this pack. and then as far as I can I pull all the pack strap as tight as I can so this pack look smaller than I thought. basically  this pack is a lil bit big for me but like I told you before, if you want to travel easily and don’t like to carry something big with you, what you can do is pull every strap on this pack as tight as you can but don’t pull too strong cause you might break the strap.

and the other thing that I like from this messenger pack is this pack has a molle system that attached to the shoulder pad which in my experience you can add a small rectangle admin pouches to this pack, which allow you to put your small camera on the front and will make your access to your camera easily and ready to use anytime you want. So you don’t have to put the  pack on the ground, unload it, then reach for camera. I guarantee by that time you already miss lot’s of great moment that you should have taken already with your camera.

To sum up, this pack is very nice for you if you’re a type of person that into with traveling, riding a bike and carry a pack at the sametime. The outsider it self does come with an extra sling strap on the side of the pack which it will stabilize your body with the pack while you’re riding a bike or when you’re going hike with this pack. and also the outsider is for sale at $229 – $263 (it depend on which color you will go with). in my own taste, I like coyote. What about you?

IMG_0572 IMG_0573 IMG_0574




My first impression with this Vertyx Ops Shell Jacket is awesome. I like it, it’s thick but not that thick like any cold weather jacket. But it’s just perfect to keep you warm and also another thing that you need to know about this jacket, the coyote color that they offer is just perfect. It’s like a mix between mjk khaki with coyote brown but personally I’m not gonna say that this jacket is like coyote brown. Also, since I’m an asian dude and I have to wear this jacket on a medium size and it fit perfectly on me. It also has many pocket on the front of jacket. Left pocket, right pocket on the front. and as you can see on the picture left sleeve and right sleeve also has a pocket.

you can purchase this jacket at vertyx website here