Tique Star Patches Warrior Bros V.1 & V.2

I want to share this with you all. I never into with any morale patches ever. And yes I do collect them. But recently I felt in love with these patches. Thanks to my fellow friend who introduce me to one his collector buddies and letting me have these. These are the rarest patches you’ll ever see worldwide.

The Super Warrior Bros V.1 and V.2



IMG_2490 IMG_2488

Who says hero 4 is much better than xiaomi yi?

Who says hero 4 is always the best for action camera? Yes I agree that hero 4 is a pioneer for the action camera from my opinion. And let me introduce to you, a $80 action camera that has a better quality from my perspective compare to hero 4 silver and black in 1080p. This all pure recorded with my xiaomi yi. Which one you will pick, $399 hero 4 silver or $80 Xiaomi Yi?