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$40 off from airbnb


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So I have this $40 coupon off for everyone if you want to use airbnb. Especially if you’re first time user you should try to use this link and order the room from airbnb and don’t forget to use the link and you should receive $40 off from your total order from Airbnb. I think this is a win win solution for everyone. Let me know if it’s working or not, I will be happy to help you all! thank you


This is really good for solo backpacker or couple if you want to do travel around wherever you go. Please try it and let me know later on, cheers !



Beautiful View With My Phantom

This is the first flight, and I’m starting to enjoy flying the drone and do the aerial filming. I know that seems many people is into with Pokemon GO and most of the time when they got nothing to do they’re hand are ready with their phones and with the pokemon. For me, I rather go somewhere open space and filming a beautiful view from where I stand. Pretty cool I have to admit it. Well I’ll post more of videos with my PH3. So stay tuned.


Unforgettable trip

Another awesome trip that I took this january 2016. The best memoriable trip that I never forget is Japan. Such a beautiful country and I would love to go there again to take more pictures, talk with new people, having a new friend from a different country. The food was great and delicious. I love the rice cake with the sweet sauce and combine with hot green tea. I went to Shibuya, Tokyo, Harajuku, Odaiba, Kabukicho. I still need to go to Osaka, Kyoto, Mt.Fuji, Best Onsen in Japan, and the Edo Town. Many place I want to visit in Japan, and yet I spent only 3 nights in Japan. However I really appreciate the time that I had in Japan and being accompanied by my brother’s gf there who knows all places in Japan and where to go.

For anyone that who already traveled to Japan, maybe any recommendation or place I should try to visit? please don’t hesitate to leave a comment down here. Thank’s you guys !!!


By the way this is going to be my first time introducing my Instagram profile and filled with bunch of my traveled photos, so please if you don’t mind and feel free to add my instagram id : blacksaigonwp


Yosemite Part 2

Nowadays I’m into with editing video in post production. It’s quite fun and exercise my skill too. And the only problem that I have to deal with the apps that I used is taking a lot of memory from the RAM itself and it took me 2-5 hours to publish the video. But the result is way much better after i applied stabilizer mode in this video. The video was taken in Yosemite. What a great view and never tired if I can be here again.

Enjoy the video, and if you have input or question, feel free to ask me. Cheers !!


Pasadena Bikes Event

I thought today is gonna be a regular weekend and when I’m there, lot’s of people ride a bike from a casual bike to road bike. and it was awesome I can walk on the street with my friend and it’s a nice day to walk. and since I saw lot’s of road bike, thinking about getting one either getting in California or when I’m back to my homecountry. what do you think? 😮


My experiment

My experiment

Another experiment that I tried and I don’t like doing things like what people do. So yeah, the question am I being hit? almost but I love the challenge. It’s like you never know what’s gonna happen next. But this is a picture that my buddy took i think couple months ago. He took a photo of me while the street is in rush hour and lot’s of bike and cars passed this street.


Hermes Island

Is your office task and deadline, drives you crazy and you feel life is too short? then, it seem all you need is a get away. Hermes Island at Kepulauan Seribu is a perfect escape for you and with your loved ones.

For more Information, please use the contact form to contact me regarding the Villa Rate, how to get there, and also the video production that I can provide for you