The Breeze of Singapore


My only advice and input for those who don’t have time to do travel, do it. The more you keep thinking the more you won’t go. You live only once and you should go.

You should come and visit Singapore. Awesome place to go. Food was great, not too expensive if you know where to go (you can ask me where to go). Many sightseeing you can come see and enjoy the singapore vibe.

The public transportation such as MRT or Mass Train is awesome and easy to reach. Each way will cost you $1.20 something like that. I suggest just use the MRT and you’ll be just fine and from one place to another place is not that far.

Marina Bay, Orchard Road, Bugis, esplanade, etc are the place you want to visit. They have the famous Marina Bay Hotel, and also Garden By The Bay is a must place to visit. I can go on and on, but now I just wanted to show you how is singapore look like and feel free to ask question below in the comment area. Cheers !!!




My Ops Core helmet

IMG_1163 IMG_1162My Ops Core helmet

Seem, this is gonna be my Bike helmet. Well why? because this is light version and the advantage from this helmet, it has velcro on the outside and I can attach my badass patches and also my V-lite Safety light on it and also a small admin pouches on the back. So I can put some CR123 in it to replace my manta strobe light on the top of the helmet. Well I know this is weird why I want to use this helmet. Again, I don’t like to wear what people normally use. So, yeah I feel good with this. What about you? do you also wear Ops Core for bike? if you do, please feel free to post one of your picture wearing your ops core while riding your bike. Cheers !!