DEFCON Vans Collection

All Camo sneakers that I’ve seen before, this is by far the best military look alike sneakers that I’ve ever seen. Since I’m a nike fan, all I can say that I’m blinded by DEFCON Group that already made these happened. Word has lost it means. And yet it’s not a perfect set if you don’t wear them with this comfortable socks. It’s made by Ziv Tac Industries, Tactical By Nature. Dead center of jakarta, and the finest quality of tactical gear that you’ll ever know. However, I just found out that a good friend of mine collected these babies too. Without any hesitation, I would like to share these DEFCON Vans Collection with you guys.

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Happy belated Thanksgiving Day for those who celebrated ^_^

Don’t sweat it

So, today I’ve just finished with my set gear. Most of them I use for travelling and for airsoft. and for Softshell I still choose ORC Industries Lvl 5 Softshell, and for hardshell, Arc’teryx LEAF Alpha will always be my No.1 List. At first I’m thinking about getting Tad Gear Spectre jacket but after that I change my mind cause seem the different price between Triple Aught Design and Arc’teryx is not that much so I decided to go with Arc’teryx and I love the fabric of this LEAF Alpha jacket. For a hardshell jacket, I recommend you to go with Arc’teryx LEAF Alpha or Arc’teryx Alpha. I know the price is sick for both of them, but once you get it. the price won’t lie with the quality of the jacket that you will get if you buy Arc’teryx LEAF.

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