Love Life Lesson on Free Spirit Type of Person

Do you know the problem with meeting with a free spirit person? especially when that person is the one you like and the one that by nature they both love each other? if one of them is a free spirit type of person, as we know people change. Let’s get the basic grasp here, that there’s nothing wrong with knowing that person is free spirit. But since we also know that people change, right now one of them express their feeling one another, “I love you” he or she respond back “I love you too”. One day can be like that and another day that person who called themselves a free spirit type of person can changed their mind and take away what they believe or things they are committed with already. So again this applied to a person who called themselves a free spirit or even a person who considered themselves conventional type of person (but this type of person usually small percentage can change up their mind compare to a person who love to call themselves as a free spirit). 

Let say you as a guy or a girl having a relationship or commitment relation with someone and that person called themselves as a free spirit, we might think that the person might be like to explore things and try new things. Again, there’s nothing wrong with that. You can always learn the positive things while you roaming together with that person. But what happened when that person bored at you, and all of sudden they said they have no clue what they are looking for and they think they have dual persona about themselves? When time flies by and you are still together, it is still a bless. But, can you imagine what that person can do when they felt bored and they have a principle “I don’t tell you what to do and don’t expect me to do what you told me?”, another word “Don’t tell me what to do”all you can do is just to understand, digest your own saliva and let it go. But hurts, doesn’t it? when someone said those word actually that person has the most expectation on you, and yet sometimes things like this happened without them telling at you and they expect you to know it. There are more events that can occured and I would like to explain here, but to avoid any confuse let’s just stay in this analogy. 

This is a simple understanding whenever two people commited to have relationship togethere there are no such thing as any statement come up from one person such as “Don’t tell me what to do” or vice versa. It is about team work whenever one said so the other person can said so, or whenever that kind of thing happened there should be any discussion together and solve as a grown up.  

Treating a person who called themselves as a free spirit sometimes can be pain in the ass. Even Though, you really love that person and trying your best to let go all your ego not to control her or him sometimes can also let you down in the long run because there is emotional abuse that occurred in your position because that person have a high expectation on you, even when they said they don’t have expectation on you. If this thing happen from the beginning or along the way, please have this discussion or my word for you, please ask yourself if you really happy with this situation. If not, cut him or her loose. Of course it will hurt, and storm will come to you on and off, on and off. Pray the best and the good thing for this person, let him or her go. Furthermore, you will learn the positive thing by having the experience with this type of person that’s all I can say. And this is coming from my experience and I have no regret knowing that person because I learn something, everything that happened to me either bad or good there always good lesson in that. And take that as positive and something that can teach you to be a better person in the long run. And don’t forget to tell to yourself you have done the best you can and you should be proud of yourself that you do the right thing. 

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Inboard “The Glider” Electric Scooter

For those who are into with electric scooter especially who lives in the United States, Inboard tech company just released their new standing electric scooter called “The Glider” and their original price supposed to be $1199 if I’m not mistaken and now they are having this scooter for $999, and yet people never heard about it, never talks about it through social media and not even product review yet. All the video that exists about the scooter is behind the scene and the creator of “The Glider”, seriously?
Image result for the glider inboard
I don’t understand why till now there’s no video preview or video discussion in depth about the scooter glider, and yet your company already asking for preorder with the preorder ads here and there.
I’m not against with Inboard’s product but please be realistic, how do you want everyone to book or buy this product if there’s no product review yet and please let people give a review on your product especially “The Glider” start doing the video preview or break down about this product by a product reviewer like on youtube. Give away or lend it to the product reviewer to describe how this product performs in reality. I would love to preorder your $999 scooter, but this is your 1st product for electric scooter and no one ever talk about this product too even on facebook use the search bar try to type it the glider none of them talking about it and also from google only a certain tech news that talking about the glider or even from Instagram. It might say 1-year warranty, but what if a consumer doesn’t like this scooter after getting from the pre-order for $999 and the expectation is totally different from reality from quality, durability and for long-term use?  As far as I know about the electric scooter, all the part is still delicate, is it strong enough to be riding from time to time? 
Please put this into your consideration and implement this idea immediately