Welcome to my blog, people.First of all, please excuse and my apologize if my grammar is not that good from what I’ve described in this blog cause I’m still learning how to speak and write english well. and the reason I made this blog because I want to share with you all everything that I’ve seen and everything that I’ve snapped using my camera. Well what’s the point if you have camera but you didn’t upload those image to blog and show’em to the world. right? But anyway, I’m Rico and the reason i made this blog is also because I’m into with modern military gear like those smooth operators. and also modern hiking gear but not that extreme like in the vertical limit movie. I’m not that type of person. So, modern military gear , Hiking gear, my short video that I’ve made, funny picture too (coming soon…) , and also much more. Oh and I almost forgot, whenever if i get a chance to upload my old sneaker collection, I will do that.

P.S : my apologize to you if my grammar is not that good or worst but at least I’ve tried my best and once again with kindness and humble I hope you guys willing to understand that and without further ado, enjoy my blog and thank’s for visiting my blog ;p.

Oh , and any question? don’t be shy ok, just ask me anything …. cheers !


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