Inboard “The Glider” Electric Scooter

For those who are into with electric scooter especially who lives in the United States, Inboard tech company just released their new standing electric scooter called “The Glider” and their original price supposed to be $1199 if I’m not mistaken and now they are having this scooter for $999, and yet people never heard about it, never talks about it through social media and not even product review yet. All the video that exists about the scooter is behind the scene and the creator of “The Glider”, seriously?
Image result for the glider inboard
I don’t understand why till now there’s no video preview or video discussion in depth about the scooter glider, and yet your company already asking for preorder with the preorder ads here and there.
I’m not against with Inboard’s product but please be realistic, how do you want everyone to book or buy this product if there’s no product review yet and please let people give a review on your product especially “The Glider” start doing the video preview or break down about this product by a product reviewer like on youtube. Give away or lend it to the product reviewer to describe how this product performs in reality. I would love to preorder your $999 scooter, but this is your 1st product for electric scooter and no one ever talk about this product too even on facebook use the search bar try to type it the glider none of them talking about it and also from google only a certain tech news that talking about the glider or even from Instagram. It might say 1-year warranty, but what if a consumer doesn’t like this scooter after getting from the pre-order for $999 and the expectation is totally different from reality from quality, durability and for long-term use?  As far as I know about the electric scooter, all the part is still delicate, is it strong enough to be riding from time to time? 
Please put this into your consideration and implement this idea immediately

2 thoughts on “Inboard “The Glider” Electric Scooter

  1. Chill dude. Lots of products go on pre-sale without being reviewed or spec’ced very precisely. (see Tesla Model 3…. ahem) This looks like a badass scooter to me. Inboard has been building great products for years. Maybe you should check out their skateboards before you demand they listen to your run-on sentence parade.


    1. I believe if their skateboard is good or great. For some people don’t have a problem with this, but are you representing from people who already bought this skatboard and don’t find any problem within the company itself?

      Also what is their return or refund policy if there’s a problem with the unit? Most company usually provide 1 year warranty. That might be true, but generally speaking do you have time to spend and waste if the product has a problem and not working the way it should be? or last that long? This is not $500 scooter, this is $1299 scooter.

      I’m raising my concern because other tech companies such as DJI, they are able to release early to youtuber to do product review, either it’s bad or not at least viewer have an overall picture about the product.

      if the pre-order is taken from amazon and prime, I don’t mind to preorder. If there’s anything wrong I can just return it back within 30 days.


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