Another day with barrett part 2

So last week, me and my buddies spent a half day in Corona at West Club. We did practice using his new Aimpoint and also his buddy bring two 50 cal long rifle. and one of them is Barrett .50Cal. Oh but the first sight I saw that baby, hot damn. she’s beautiful and I rock her world on the field. The recoil? as you can see from the video that I’ve posted. It was superb. the recoil and all the dust that came out, already made my day more awesome. But funny think, even I know I fall in love with this Barrett, the feeling cannot compare like I Love to the one that I care if you know what I mean. 🙂


About J.McRaven

I Have a huge interest about outdoor gear, Military gear, firearms, sneakers, photography, morale patches, lone survivor traveler, music, meeting new people and maybe one day I'll meet you too. P.S: Hello everybody. I'm Rico and I'm From Indonesia and I live in California. For those who likes, follow my blog I wanna say thank you and don't hesitate to email / msg me. Have a great day ;p My Instagram ID : blacksaigonwp
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