Fast Pack Friday: TAD Junkies

So recently I came across a Facebook group of people that call themselves TAD Junkies. Being a bit of a fan of TAD’s gear myself I joined up and found that they’re a great bunch of guys and girls, trading, talking about and sharing their TAD gear. It’s definitely worth checking out if you like anything made by Triple Aught Design.

I asked if any of their members would like to submit a pack configuration and a number of them stepped up.

This is a nice foliage green set up with a cool selection of patches and pouches. I like how the black pouches work with the foliage colour. Not really seen that being done much. The black SOLAS patch looks great with this. I like the Motus patch too!

After selling my black Fastpack EDC a couple years ago I had some regrets doing so. So yesterday at the doorstep was a new foliage EDC. I know the pouches aren’t foliage but I kind of like the black with the foliage look. I carried it to work today and am happy I order this pack. 

Facebook group can be found here.

Nice pack! Looks like a great support group for all TAD fans out there!


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