maybe you think a person like Mario Teguh or any other motivator will be able to help and lead you or remind you what you have to do or to be. a motivator is just like an Aspirin (even there’s a plenty brand of Aspirin that will confuse you which one you have to take), you take and it will make you feel better just for a while and after that it will just get worse, twice or more painful if you keep take it. Even a Goddamn rich people or successful person won’t lead you to be success unless you find out by yourself on the field, take a risk and let it flow, good or bad or whatever that is you take a note and memorize it what you have to do next time, God gives you heart to think which one is good and which one is not, you learn from your fault and don’t fall twice like a donkey. I don’t understand why you have to listen and pay to someone just to get your self motivated. wanna get motivated? friend with older people and with a person that who experienced lot of thing’s not just one person but with a lot of people as much as you can. Cause you live only once right? and still not enough? listen to a happy music and not a sad music that once you hear you wanna jump off from the bridge

bottom line or to sum up, motivator is nothing without life experience, and even your life experience is much more important and valuable than a motivator, cause your life experience is an expensive teacher you will ever get. Let it flow and let it lead you to be who you really are.

About McRaven

I Have a huge interest about outdoor gear, Military gear, firearms, sneakers, photography, morale patches, lone survivor traveler, music, meeting new people and maybe one day I'll meet you too. P.S: Hello everybody. I'm Rico and I'm From Indonesia and I live in California. For those who likes, follow my blog I wanna say thank you and don't hesitate to email / msg me. Have a great day ;p My Instagram ID : blacksaigonwp
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