To where you are

It’s been 2 years now, hope from all my prayed for you that you’re doing alright over there. This feeling keep coming through my mind, wondering how you doing now and how’s everything. all the place that we’ve spent together always remind me of you. all the time when we’re joking together,fooling around, it will always in my mind, and honestly I hate it cause it keep haunting me. There’s nothing I can do beside praying the best for you and by expressing what I felt in this blog. I never forget the time when you stabbed me from behind, although I realized that I’ve been tricked by you, I still keep loving you and I know you’ve gone through lot of pain since I’m gone. But personally, I’m sorry for all the thing’s that I’ve cost you and your family. 

Once again I’m truly missing you and I hope you doing ok and you find the right one that can do much better than me. I know you can, and I hope when the time is right we will meet again, even when I turn to old and alone, you’re still the sweetest thing that I’ve ever had. Even a bullet can’t penetrate that deep like what we had when we’re together.


About J.McRaven

I Have a huge interest about outdoor gear, Military gear, firearms, sneakers, photography, morale patches, lone survivor traveler, music, meeting new people and maybe one day I'll meet you too. P.S: Hello everybody. I'm Rico and I'm From Indonesia and I live in California. For those who likes, follow my blog I wanna say thank you and don't hesitate to email / msg me. Have a great day ;p My Instagram ID : blacksaigonwp
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